Are those in Charge of NEOM Going to be realistic Ever?

Are those in Charge of NEOM Going to be realistic Ever?

Are those in Charge of NEOM Going to be realistic Ever?
Are those in Charge of NEOM Going to be realistic Ever?

Believing in your dream, having confidence in th capacities, the relentless pursuit to fulfill wishes areessential and necessary to make great achievements such as those that bin Salman hopes to achieve, but when the matter turns into adherence to illusions, arrogance, and refusal to acknowledge reality; failure would become inevitable.

Bin Salman has been doing this exactly, despite all indications that his 2030 vision is not valid according to the current data, and that the plans can be implemented, but in other ways and in different circumstances.

For example, the people in charge of the NEOM project still insist on adhering to illusions only. Every day they make a new announcement of a new activity for the city, sometimes they celebrate partnership and another time they announce job opportunities or organize sports or electronic event.

The most recent of those announcements confirming that project management lives in a parallel world, were opinion polls about citizens’ expectations of what the city could provide to its residents. Once again we wonder, which residents? And when are they going to move in?

The survey questions, in Arabic and English, asked about things like having a digital twin for every resident, the goals of the “Neos” system and its ability to empower and support the experience of NEOM residents and visitors in many ways.

The Line city, which bin Salman stole its idea from Italian designers, was confirmed to become the most pioneering cognitive city around the world.

Unfortunately, all possible comments were sent to the administration that Mohammed bin Salman is promoting for with ideas and plans that expose the entire kingdom to a great risk, as Bloomberg said.

We still have hope that the management would realise the reality of Saudi Arabia which suffers from a financial crisis, where people need every penny.

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