A failed attempt to deceive the world: How did NEOM’s lies sink the desert sands?

A failed attempt to deceive the world: How did NEOM’s lies sink the desert sands?

A failed attempt to deceive the world: How did NEOM's lies sink the desert sands?
A failed attempt to deceive the world: How did NEOM's lies sink the desert sands?

A dreamy economic vision, carried out by a unique social and political reformer, whose name is Mohamed bin Salman, who has no qualities to assume the leadership of his country but a genetic coincidence that made him the son of the king who handed over the country to his son. The son who announced his illusory vision, including the city of Neom which he called the dreamy city, the most luxurious and largest in the world, the city for dreamers from the whole world.

At the announcement ceremony for Vision 2030, the team in charge of NEOM management said that its project will cost 500 billion US dollars, promising that the city will generate billions of dollars for the Saudi treasury, however, nearly four years have passed since the launch of the project and its features are not yet clear, nor have been the companies investing  in the city, or the projects that have started operating, not even those that have been finished.

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Another Big Lie

In a report by Al-Jazeera News, a group of recent satellite images of the NEOM City project showed that the city has only built 5 royal palaces on an area of ​​more than 2 million square meters, and two other tourist hotels not completed yet.

But like Emirates, Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman announced his endeavor to establish five new cities in the desert. He was no less idealistic and imaginative than his predecessors, as the crown prince’s projects that he announces, whether they are Neom or The Line, are all just unrealistic projects in terms of achievement or cost.

The cost of these projects launched by the Crown Prince is great even in relation to the economic and financial budget of the Kingdom. He aims to bring only a million people from all over the world, which is not a small number as it targets the richest million people to live in it, and why would those people leave their dreams to come and live in a Medieval kingdom.

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Competition Between The  Bad Guys

The American “Bloomberg” agency said that the sudden decision, which obligated international companies to move their headquarters to Saudi Arabia by 2024, raised some fears of investing in the Kingdom, and indicated that moving the headquarters will cost companies millions of dollars.

Bloomberg said, Saudi officials are frustrated with businessmen and company managers who work on projects in the Kingdom, but their main headquarters are in Dubai, which is a convenient place for trade and attracts millions of foreign workers.

Saudi Arabia is trying to motivate companies that will work in King Abdullah Economic City with incentives such as a 50-year exemption from 20 percent of corporate tax and a 10-year abolition of laws requiring the employment of a percentage of Saudis.

Bloomberg reviewed the Saudi offers submitted to investors, which include possible exemptions to Saudi laws according to the needs of investors and facilitating the process of issuing work permits.

The question is; does the Saudi crown prince realize that all those who work around him in these projects do not know with him because of their efficiency or their potential, but because they only say yes, even the foreign consultants who worked with him receive high salaries in exchange for saying yes, not that they work according to science and modernity.

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